As a global company, we need to improve our English communication skills. I can confidently say these classes have given us a lot. We see the progress both individually and in teams. As a company we highly recommend cooperation with Chris and his team. We appreciate their contribution to the development of our employees.

Magdalena Pożarycka, Office Manager, Vizlib

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My team and I have weekly lessons with Bit English. Our teacher has the unique ability to adapt to our needs, and even our moods. I've gained more confidence thanks to the sessions with him and I could already communicate effectively in the environment of a global company. I've particularly enjoyed the challenges prepared by the BIT team which have motivated my team to look at language learning from a completely different perspective.

Marcin Dąbrowski, Senior Developer and Team Leader

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Advance your career by enhancing your English skills to meet the demands of working for global companies.


Improve communication and collaboration in dispersed teams to reduce scope creep and increase engagement.


Access the power of global teams and markets with seamless, shared communication.

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We create customised English language programmes based on your needs by using a learner-centred approach, blended with authentic learning materials and the latest EdTech tools.

  • Daily meetings
  • Project kick offs
  • Planning meetings
  • Feedback sessions
  • Reviews
  • Retrospectives

I like the idea of the sprint, testing new ideas & rethinking learning methods. Some recommended apps were kind of a super discovery for me. I'm a fan of this way of learning. It was very interesting and I want more! Thanks for pushing the sprint!

Dorota Kowalik, Global Recruitment Manager, Nordcloud

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